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Originally a series on a different site I wrote for, Life Uncorked: Inspiring Truths from Everyday People has been resurrected, reconstructed, and revamped for Drinking the Whole Bottle. It is a new series highlighting awesome people and their personal truths about life, love, travel, and more. If I’ve learned anything at all in life and travel, it’s that no one way is the right way, that we all have something to teach and we could learn something from everyone. So what are your truths?


No problem. Check out these submissions from Bobby and Mary for ideas on where to get started.

To keep your “Life Uncorked” post uniform with the others:

  • It should be 5 lessons.
  • The first mini bio should sound also be uniform with other posts. It should include your name and a few things about you personally, as well as a brief understanding of what your lessons are about. Here are two examples:
    • Whitney, an adventure seeker and humor finder who lives life wanting to experience it all – on why telling lies can be a good thing, unexpected surprises, and her kryptonite coffee.
    • Bobby, a junkie for travel, food, and untapped frontiers who has been “living that gypsy life like err’day ” and our first spotlight in the series – on being the designer of his life, breathing, and third chances.”
  • You can also add a more traditional bio at the end, if you choose.

Looking for a quick post idea?

#InstAbroadMoment (I.AM)

I created InstaAbroadMoment during my time writing for Wanderlust & Lipstick. Here’s the full explanation, but in its basic form it is a mini-story series about the travels of life (not just life abroad): the paths we forge, the companions we meet, the stories we share, the links we create, the chain we bound, and the deep knowing that I.AM because I’ve been…

on a journey
down the road
in love
a mother
on a roadtrip
to Paris
on a self-discovery

Not sure where to get started?

Follow the loose layout of this I.AM and that I.AM for a general guideline layout. Maybe you have an awesome photo but aren’t sure what to write or where to get started. Send me an email and I’ll help you along. Your moment should be told.

Does DTWB take GENERAL submissions as well?

We do! We love submissions about people savoring every last drop of life. How do you live your life to its grandest potential? Be authentic. Be you. Posts about lessons you have learned or general pieces about finding magic in ordinary moments or journeys in life (small or grand) tend to work. Check out these posts for a better idea.

Island Gratitude

Revisiting Pandora’s Travel Box

Remember: any moment can be filled with magic if you look. Organizing your closet could teach you a bigger lesson about “letting go.” Look past what’s right in front, dive in, and write it down because like a bottle of wine, those moments are best when shared.

Cheers! Cheers

 I’d love to hear from you!