“In an instant…”

Out lives are made of instants. We have our first kiss. We meet our best friend. We laugh at a funny joke. We fall in love. Babies are born. Hearts are broken. Ideas are changed. Life is born out of these moments, these instants and whether they are big or small they change us. They create us. They shape our human experience. Life is just a long chain of linked together instants.

Living abroad, with its zoomed in sense of adventure and revolving wheel of personalities has given me the opportunity to focus on the moments that are happening in front of me in a way I never could did before. InstAbroadMoment is an attempt to capture these fleeting moments that happen in life whtehr we are traveling the world or exploring our backyard. On a more personal level, I.AM is my attempt to log and keep track and reminisce about the life I’m building through the people I meet in my adventure who share a laugh, a drink, or a small part of their story with me.
I.AM Banner

In its basic form, I.AM is a mini-story series about the travels of life: the paths we forge, the companions we meet, the stories we share, the links we create, the chain we bound, and the deep knowing that
I.AM because I’ve been…
on a journey
down the path
in love
a mother
to Paris
on a roadtrip

We’ve all been somewhere.
Where have you been?
What’s your InstAbroadMoment?

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