A Day in the Life of a Stay-at-Home, Abroad Writer Mother Wife (in No Particular Order)

February 11, 2014

Ugh. I had every intention in the world of posting an accurate yet creative “A Day in the Life…” Photo Essay but what do they say again about that road to hell…?

Reality hit. Actually the sh*t hit the fan. No literally. A vicious little stomach virus savaged our house this weekend like a Gremlin on meth. First it devoured Rafaella and then swallowed up Santiago. Next, I think it’s taking the life of Husband… I fear I’m the only one left to attack though I had a migraine already so it would be a nice gesture to leave me alone.

Although all of the pictures aren’t from the same day, we’ve had our routine since the beginning of time so finding filler pictures was really easy.


Wake up!

We have spent years kicking these dogs off the bed and somehow, every morning, they end up right here, dogging all the covers in scruffy glory. The kids, on the other hand, wake up like champs.


With two littles in the pack, there’s a lot of playtime. Saying that I love watching them play together is an understatement. He loves her fiercely and she is gentle and affectionate with him… most of the time.


I start making breakfast around 9:15 and we usually finish eating by 10:30. We loooove family breakfast!

Afternoon nap…

The time they nap varies here but it is so nice having this little break in the day.

And while they’re napping…

I slip away to write. I love this time of day. On this particular day I wrote at Guli’s, my favorite writing spot.

Family Time

We spend our afternoons in a few different way. Sometimes we go to the pool. Sometimes we just hang at home and have yummy snacks. But mostly we’re at the playground, ya know? It is my favorite time of day.

at the playground

Sleepy Time Routine

At 6:00 we usually sit the kiddos in their chairs and put on a video for them to watch so that we could get their bath, bottles, and bedtime ready. Husband and I start to gain momentum here…

Splish, Splash…

This bath time looks way more fun and eventful than a normal bath time. I remember this day. They were both acting a fool so we decided to throw them in the bath.


7:00. The kids have had their bottles and are in bed for the night and Husband and I enjoy our quiet dinners and long conversations. Of course, what good would a blog called Drinking the Whole Bottle be if Mami didn’t get her bottle too.


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