The First Ever Drinking the Whole Bottle Giveaway!

July 29, 2016

GIVEAWAY FUN! We have a lot to celebrate on Drinking the Whole Bottle, so pop open a bubbly, bitches. This week DTWB reached OVER 1200 LIKES on Facebook, not to mention over 750 followers on  Instagram, and over 600 followers on Bloglovin’, so we’re hosting a Drinking the Whole Bottle GIVEAWAY to share our love with the readers, supporters, and communities that make that possible. It’s FREE and if you win we’ll have matching hats – one for you, one for me – and we will be adorables! #HatsieTwinsies (available in colors besides black – winner’s choice)


So What DO YOU HAVE to do to be INCLUDED IN the giveaway? 

1. Choose a favorite post (not this one) from the blog. Leave a comment on the post (not on Facebook) and share that post on Facebook. Make sure to tag Drinking the Whole Bottle so I could keep track of you and add you to the giveaway. (You might have to be a FB follower of the blog in order to tag DTWB.)
2. For an extra entry, subscribe to DTWB on YouTube, choose a video & leave a comment. 
3. When you’re done with Step 1&2 , comment “DONE” on this post.

The giveaway will be open until Thursday, August 4 and winner will be chosen NEXT Friday, August 5


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    1. awesome! Which was the post you commented and shared? I’m having trouble finding it. 🙂 And good luck!!

    1. no worries. I saw your shares so I had you in the running!! Thanks again for supporting and being a part of our community!

    1. Tried to leave a comment on a youtube vid but phone won’t let me. Probably due to slow internet connection. Wecome to the islands! Your face swap with Olive had me in stitches.

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