Our Favorite Halloween Tradition

November 1, 2017

Come on guys.. you didn’t think I’d forget about the Halloween Bucket, did you? The most treasured tradition of all our Halloween traditions? Heck, maybe the most treasured of all our traditions, period, exclamation point!

Let me remind you, we recently moved. To a different country. Across an ocean. We let go of and wept over many things we couldn’t bring with us when we left the Dominican Republic. But do you know what was packed in suitcase #1… the Halloween Bucket (and Christmas. Yes, I literally packed Christmas into a suitcase.)

We had no idea the bucket Husband bought for a fundraiser would be such a roller coaster of emotion. And we didn’t imagine how sad we’d feel when it was stolen. Nor did we imagine what it would become what it has. What I know is that my sentimental, nostalgic mom heart overfills with joy and happy tears every time I look at the Halloween Bucket pictures.

And this year more than any. This year it represents us – our expat, gypsy family – more than ever. It reminds me that a home isn’t four walls. It is the memories you build there and the memories you take with you. And it’s the traditions you make out of moments that seemed small …that are anything but small.


WHat’s your favorite Halloween tradition?

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