Juan, El Frutero de Santo Domingo: The People We Meet

April 3, 2016

Fruit guys in Dominican Republic are iconic. This is Juan, el frutero – our fruit guy – and unfortunately for the other fruit guys in the business, our guy is the best. #fact

Fruit guys in Dominican Republic
The King Frutero, Juan

Juan might as well have a statue inside the walls of Husband’s school, Carol Morgan, since he is “el frutero” to most of us there and has been for a loooooong time. This last week we heard that his fruit truck – his bread and butter, his moveable feast shop, his main (and maybe only) way supporting his family – caught fire. As a community, our hearts go out to him. As a community, CMS steps up. Husband’s National Junior Honor Society kids have decided to raise money as well as the National Honor Society in high school. Some teachers started a collection and a GoFundMe account. We’ve been sharing it within our Facebook communities and this is one of my contributions.

E X P R E S S   D O N A T E   T O    J U A N   N O W

On a personal level, Juan is as much a part of our landscape in the Dominican Republic as the playground, the palm trees, the crazy driving, and the weekend getaways. My kids have grown up on Juan’s fruit that he has served them weekly for 5 years with a smile brighter than the Caribbean sun we live under. Even through his misfortune, he continues to sell fruit on Avenida Sarasota, out side of the school, but on a much smaller scale since he can only sell what he can bring on foot which isn’t a lot without his truck and supplies.

You may have never met Juan but if you’ve ever spoken to us about our life in DR, at some point or another, we’ve mentioned el frutero. So I ask for your help today by helping us raise money for Juan. These 3 steps will take you less than 3 minutes.

1.  Click the link to bring you to the >> GoFundMe << account.

2. Donate what you can. Absolutely anything would help. Anything.

3. SHARE this with your friends and then SHARE some more and then ask them to SHARE.

And I’ll make you this promise… if you donate and ever come to visit, I will personally take you to Juan’s truck so you too can understand why he means so much to all of us.

If you still need convincing, watch this video from 2011 by our technology teacher extraordinaire, Jennifer Norman, spotlighting our beloved, Juan. If you smile even one time, just from seeing his smile, consider D O N A T I N G.

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