Happy Friyay! Weekend Links, Uncorked.

May 20, 2016

How are you uncorking your weekend? Tonight we are going to Pub Quiz, a super fun event put together by Husband’s co-author at High Five History. Around 15 teams of 4 test their knowledge in a variety of offbeat categories. So in place of your typical literature category, you might be asked to identify book covers. Instead of a normal movie category, you could get two mashed up monologues and have to name the two movies it is from. We’ve had categories like beer labels, airline logos, currency from the world, and – my favorite – rap lyrics written in Old English. Hope you all let loose and uncork this weekend. Meanwhile, some fun stuff from this week…

Currently listening to this song after last weekend’s Lip Sync Battle Party when our friend nailed it as Ke$ha.

A yummy  guava cocktail

Great read about this stage of life.

Because who doesn’t love a cute wrap bracelet.

What would be your Top Gun call name? This generator will tell you. By the way, you are officially talking to Lt. Jennifer ‘Amour’ Legra.

Our Top Gun dress up pic to get you pumped about the Lip Sync Party post coming on Monday!

Not sure if I want this for my kids… or me.

Tickets are booked and this has me psyched to get back to Jersey.

This shout out to moms that made me laugh… out loud.

Spunky cards that play with words

(Picture: We went as “The Quiz Busters” to last year’s Pub Quiz.)

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