Halloween at Carol Morgan

October 24, 2011

Here’s a glimpse of Carol Morgan School’s grounds on a normal day.

Carol Morgan School
Carol Morgan School, Santo Domingo

In what seems to be Dominican fashion (go BIGGER than Texas), this is what Carol Morgan looks like for Halloween:

While in the US, the teachers are responsible for not just teaching, but grading, planning, conferencing, copying, advising, and in many cases, parenting (all during their lunch hour), they are also responsible for decorating their classrooms and bulletin boards (also to be done during their lunch hour). Here, these decorations were all done by the parents. Parents you say? Yes. Parents I say. The class moms get together and plan and decorate (or hire a decorator) and get ‘er done. The PTO here is something serious and Halloween at Carol Morgan School is no joke.

In a different direction, this was a beautiful day (with breeze constitutes beautiful for me) that we took advantage of for a family outing to the school grounds. The dogs LOVE it here because they get to let out their dogmic energy and we love it because we forget that we’re in a crowded, crazy city for a little bit.


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