Have {Healthy} Snacks. Will Travel.

August 25, 2015

Both kids get hopped up excited when they hear that we’re taking un avión. There’s a few things they assume about getting on the plane: that its flying to New Jersey (mostly true), that its an easy, no stress day of travel (hmmm… no), and that there will be snacks. The latter being their biggest concern.

While many kids can be distracted with toys and DVDs on trips, ours like snacks. Don’t get me wrong, toys work for a little while and the DVD player is a close second but food reigns supreme in our family and since I don’t want to stuff them silly with cookies and candy bars on a 3.5 hour flight, I have to plan snack foods that travel well but won’t send the kids crashing into a sugar spiral. I don’t, by any means, prescribe to being a health guru but it isn’t all that hard finding healthier options than lollipops.

Healthy Kid Snacks for Travel

(~) Snacks can be made healthier by making them at home or dehydrating them yourself. 


I do really like nuts, and almonds are among my favorites. Now there are so many flavors out there that this is the snack that keeps on giving. There’s the traditional roasted salted or honey roasted. I’ve seen Wasabi & Soy, Salt and Vinegar, and Chili Lime to name a few. Most recently I tried the Sriracha Blue Diamond Almonds*. I was worried they’d be too hot for my tastebuds but I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the bottom of the bag. The Sriracha spice added a nice kick of flavor without the heat. I would definitely buy them again. For more on the health benefits


 Beef Jerky ~

Beef jerky is high in protein which helps fill you up in between meals. It also keeps insulin levels low and it’s high in iron. It can be high in sodium which is why many might categorize this as unhealthy but the trick is to find all-natural ingredient brands that are low in sodium content and low in saturated fats. This is a win win since it is my favorite travel snack as well.


When my mom began seeing a nutritionist this was the snack she was allowed to chomp on, but like jerky, not all popcorn is created equal. Popcorn doused in salt and drenched in butter is obviously not healthy (albeit delicious) but popcorn is high in fiber and low in calories. And kids love it without knowing it falls in the healthier snack category.


Dried Fruit ~

Delivering more fiber and minerals and about the same amount of B vitamins as fresh fruit, dried fruit is a great healthy snack option. It can, however, have more calories so watch for added sweeteners or preservatives, otherwise YUM! My favorite is mango but pretty much any fruit is available.

Trail Mix ~

What a totally tricky way to get your kids to eat healthy snacks: raisins, nuts, and granola. Mine love it. They think they’re getting away with something sneaky when we give them their own little bag and they scarf down the whole thing.

Trail Mix

For more on the health benefits of nuts and dried fruit check out this great resource.

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Almonds – Harsha K R
Popcorn – Toshiyuki IMAI
Trail Mix – Andy Melton

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