Holiday Gift Ideas for Traveling Parents

November 30, 2015

Both of our kids first got on an airplane before they were 90 days old. At the craziest, we have traveled with a 20-month old, a 3-month infant, one blind dog, one dog that barks on planes, a gigantic stroller, and a partridge in a pear tree. With a few exceptions, I could confidently say that we are expert travelers.

Here are some holiday gift ideas for traveling parents to help you travel with ease and in style too.

Bon Voyage.

Stay Tuned for gift guides later this week: It’s a Wine-derful Life: Gift Guide for Wine Drinkers and Gift Ideas for the Christmas Lover.

* ON THE GO * 

TRUNKI TRAVEL, $63Trunki Bronco Style

After our first year abroad my best friend gave our daughter a Trunki for Christmas; travel life has never been the same. Not only do BOTH of our kids actually want to take charge of the hard-shell suitcase but in a jam, like a delay or downtime, they take turns pulling each other or riding on the suitcase. It’s also great when I have no patience for them moving on kid-time. They hop on and I rocket through the terminal.



Duffel Bag

Kiddos have their Trunki and mommy needs her cute, upcycled sari duffle bag. Cute enough to show off and big enough to fit everything because face it – you’re going to be holding everything anyway, might as well look fab doing it.



Mahabis Travel ShoesThis might be the most clever and valuable item on the Holiday Gift Guide for Traveling Parents. The Mahabis shoes are slippers (for at home) convert to shoes (for on the road) with clip soles. So you can wear them to the airport and once you’re on the plane or home, unclip them and wear them as slippers. Two shoes in one. Wanna know another awesome detail? They also come in a “summer” shoe, a more breathable fabric. And a variety of colors. My only issue is deciding what color and style to order but so as to not be subtle, someone buy me a pair for Christmas.



Holiday Gifts for Travelers Sleep MaskIf you ever talk to me about sleep after having kids, I’ve mentioned ear plugs and sleep masks. As a mother, it’s essential. And maybe the kids won’t bother you in the morning if they think a cute, little owl is sleeping in your bed.



Travel GrillA compact and sleek way to eat well on the traveling road without taking up a ton of space. Perfect for RVing cross country, road trips, or tailgating.




Holiday Gift Ideas for Travel ParentsI personally love getting ornaments as gifts because the ornament is usually something sentimental, some inside joke or thoughtful memory that the gift-giver is helping you remember. At the very least, the ornament usually says something about you. What better ornament for the traveling parent than a passport ornament?


PHOTOS ON THE GO, $15.99-$19.99 (plus special discount)

Sticky9 MagnetsMany of you know that when we moved to Dominican Republic we were fitting our lives into only 6 suitcases. It seems like a lot. It isn’t. And as a photography minor, having to leave picture frames and photographic memorabilia behind was incredibly difficult. That’s why I love these Sticky9 magnets. They pack easy, weigh close to nothing, and I don’t have to settle for a photo-less house. They’re also a great way to remind you of a trip or vacation you don’t want to forget. aaaaand, if you use THIS code –> FRIENDE2T9 –> you’ll get 15% off.


POSTCARDS (by Artifact Uprising), $29.99

PostcardsMake your favorite pictures postcards. To start, choose from 3 themes: Thank You, Mixed (different greetings), or Blank. Then add 20 images (or double up on certain images). The cards are printed on thick 100% recycled paper.




Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.32.26 AMFor the parent who is ready for anything, there is no better gift. Living in the Dominican Republic for the past 5 years, we take a lot of road trips. Some destinations are a bit more remote and having basic first-aid supplies is essential. This kit is an 5-day supply for 4 people; includes a TON of stuff you might need, and a smaller, removable kit for shorter trips. For those looking to do a serious camping trip, check out the extended first aid kit for $54.50.



Travel App PassibleAs a blogger with a lot of passwords and usernames, forgetting my sign in information is a weekly occurrence. And since we are abroad and traveling a good deal, I need one place to keep my information. Passible has proven indispensable in my life. Indispensable, I tell you. Protected by your 4-digit password, you can store any info in passible that you want and need to remember. Credit card numbers, bank accounts, log ins, usernames, passwords, etc. It is seriously a game changer in travel convenience. The best part… it’s under a dollar



Backseat OrganizerI love a well-packed suitcase as much as a well-packed car. This organizer is a leakproof, insulated cooler that can flip up to create a tray table. It has 10 outside storage pockets and dividers to keep food and drinks in place and organized. It also fits on between seats. Works in the backseat and between seats as well.



Toilet Seat CoversSeems silly, I know but it is always the practical things that come in the most handy.



Xlear Nasal SprayMy doctor recommended this spray and told me to abuse it. Because it’s natural and doesn’t have some of the harsher chemicals that other sprays do it leaves your passages cleansed and moisturized. Really helpful for air travel.


No matter where you travel or what you bring, remember to have a safe and happy holiday.

Any gift ideas you would add on for a traveling parent?


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