It’s Time for Rafica

July 17, 2012


When I first heard this song, I would sing it to Rafa as we danced around the living room and replace the lyrics with her name, “It’s time for Rafica” or “Waka Waka eh eh” became “Rafa Rafa eh eh.” She loved it.

But the other night, at the bluffs, I had one of those moments when the Universe reveals how magical it is. A friend was asking how to let go and just enjoy each moment of this amazing adventure and the Universe, ever listening, heard her question.


The night sky had replaced the glowing sun but the moons and stars’ radiated enough twinkle to illuminate our evening outdoors. Tailgating style, we sat in the back of our SpaceWagon, looking around at all of our other friends, in front of us as “Waka Waka” blasted through the speakers of our car’s radio, as if Universe wanted us to recognize that moment through the lens of a music video. I said to her, “Stop. Look around. These people are all our friends. We live on an island that most people vacation on. Recognize this moment. Right now. This is how you just enjoy each moment.”

you've got it all

friends at the bluffs

Some friends were directly in front of us laughing and sitting in a circle on beach chairs and blankets. Others were scattered in smaller groups. Others fixed their gaze out into the ocean that the bluffs overlooked. One of our friends, Beckett, began doing the official dance of the music video.

We sat in our own bubble for that 3 minutes and 31 seconds like little birds watching and sharing a moment when it all makes sense. When you recognize that life is gooooood. We nudged each other every so often in an “are you watching this” way. We had just been talking about life being what you make it and this song was here, playing as the soundtrack to our moment, reminding us so.

The pressure’s on
I feel it
But you’ve got it all
Believe it

After that night, I listened to that song with different ears. A song that had already held special meaning to me because of “Rafica” now dug its way deeper in. It motivated me. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Get back in the saddle. Isn’t that life after all? No one faces a life without battles or adversities to overcome, so all we could do is believe that we are where we are for a reason and get on with it.

We all have a soundtrack and this song that I comically dubbed Rafa’s name into, accidentally became one of the opening tracks to her life and a part of mine as well. I’m sure that when she is an All-Star athlete (as Husband hopes) and struggling in her own game, I will think of this song and remember that each of us have what we need to overcome. And I hope she’ll be thinking the same.

Today’s your day,
I feel it
You paved the way,
Believe it

P.S. A 14 song playlist of my life


    1. Becke – Comments like this are the reason I write. Thank you for your inspiration and for being a fellow writer that can relate to my journey.

    1. Great post! I love the remix you were doing with Rafa. It's great to hear how people can take stuff to the next level.I forgot that I have this song on my iTunes. I forgot how much I like it. I forgot how much the World Cup and everything around it, like 9-11 did, brings people together across so many divides….real talk!Me gusta mucho escuchar tus "insights" and the looks to the future while reflecting on the past and making the now a more profound place. Keep it up.

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