And They Danced: How Jenuary Jenanigans Came to a Close

February 3, 2015

With Jenuary 2015 in the books, my birthday Jenanigans (yes, I like inserting my name into regular words) have officially come to a close until 2016 but not without one last laugh, and a good one at that. So if you are indeed in need of a solid, belly chuckle, hit PLAY and share in the silly magic of Jenuary. And if you do laugh – even a little – share with your friends… cause why should we have all the fun?

If you would like to recreate this video, here are the 5 essentials you will need:

  • friends that are willing to dance with you in the middle of the street
  • a non-busy road (or at least once that will allow video recording speed)
  • music that makes you dance and cry and have a really, really, really good time
  • a car and responsible driver
  • extra friend who’d rather video instead of dance

Star Tip:

Star TipHaving a different person take the lead throughout the dance will help with the pace of the video and keep things interesting. This also takes the pressure off of one person having to show their dancing mastermind skills the entire time.


For other videos created with cars, sip on these.



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