Maybe You ARE Magic

February 7, 2015

This week’s special on DTWB: Love and Magic

Weekly Special 210

I’m a fan of words. Duh. Writer. Ex-English Teacher. My favorite scene of any movie is in Stranger than Fiction when Will Ferrell, who falls in love with the girl whose bakery he is auditing and so she kinda hates him (played by Maggie Gyllenhaal) shows up to her doorstep with an offering. Holding a box of assorted brown bags, he holds them up to her and says, “I brought you flours.” 


Wait a minute. My heart is melting. (And not because of his great play on words.)

What was pure romance and love and magic wasn’t that he brought her anything. It was that he knew her. He saw her – and in that one moment, that attention to detail – everyone watching poor, Harold Crick knew it. And any girl will tell you, that that’s magic, for, what girl (what person for that matter) doesn’t want to be truly seen, truly known. What person doesn’t want to be looked at like they’re magic? What a beautiful thought, no? To be magic….

To be unexplainable. Confusing. Mysterious. And to still have someone get it and understand the trick and know what’s behind the curtain. To be astounded and enchanted by your inexplicable-ness and fall victim to your charm, your stardust. And just like that, with an Abracadabra and a wave of the wand, Poof! they’re under your spell. Whew… that’s somethin’. That’s magical.

With Valentine’s Day coming, it’s easy to fool yourself into seeing what isn’t there, an optical illusion that doesn’t exist. But don’t do it; don’t fool yourself. Don’t settle for flashy tricks when the magic, the real magic is what you’re waiting for. Wait for yourself to be seen.
Thanks to the That’s What She Said Link Up for bringing this quote to my attention.

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    1. I loved his awkwardness as well as seeing how he watched her. You’re right, it was and is magic!
      It “is” magic to be seen, observed, and loved. Little acts of love such as flour for a baker, paper or pens for the writer, a back massage for the tired, those things to me are magical. I do not need trips to Spain, although it would be nice, a sweet I love you out of nowhere can send me places.
      A smile at me when I think I’m looking a hot mess, can perk me up. Those things… are magical to me. 🙂
      Thank you, for sharing your beautiful writing with us, Jen!

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