Moms Know Best

April 18, 2012

My mother and grandmother were visiting this week and how quickly a week passes especially when when you miss your mommy. While I know she misses me – us – just as much, she says things like, “Don’t come back. You have it good here.”

I know she’s right, that our life here is too good to give up. I also know that if I said we were moving back home, my mom would take the first JetBlue flight out of Kennedy and help me pack up every last dust crumb of this apartment. She would polish the silverware and clean the floors with a toothbrush.

I know that she tells me stay because she also knows a few things since moms know best.

She knows that the life we are able to have here would never happen in New Jersey, at least not without both Husband and I working long and hard every day, sacrificing our family time. She also knows that I’m the same little girl who used to call her at midnight from friends’ sleepovers and ask her to pick me up (which of course she would do without ever reminding me of it the next time). And because she knows this, she knows that I need her encouragement, her confirmation that sleepovers aren’t so scary.

I know she wants to tell me to come home because there is nothing she likes more than when we are all together. I know that this is what she would like. But she knows that telling me that only makes it harder for me so she doesn’t. She tells me to go to the sleepover and have a good time and if I call her to pick me up, she will.

P.S. Moms are the greatest force of nature and some things moms know.

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Moms Knows Best
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