(A Reveal) and Our next Move Abroad Is – Drumroll Please…

January 25, 2017

When I announced that we had to make the heartbreaking decision to leave the Dominican Republic, the outpour on Facebook was overwhelming. I had to read the comments in doses because the comments were so raw and loving that I cried after every one – and like an ugly cry, not an Emma Stone Oscar cry. Many of you had lots of questions and wanted to know where we were going. We had nothing to tell. No ideas. Nada. There were lots of places Husband applied, a bunch of leads and some interviews but nothing official. And then yesterday after a total of 9 weeks – that’s 2 months and a week – of absolute cluelessness as to where we would be next year – we were able to share an update. We’re moving south…

of the border, that is. Yep. Mexico! We are moving to Mexico and the love, warmth, support, and well wishes for our next adventure have rolled in. I’m so grateful. We should consider ourselves lucky if one person loves us but to be surrounded by so many is beyond a blessing.

our next move abroad - moving south
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A teacher from our next school, ASFG, said, “Everything you think of when you think of Mexico, is actually from Guadalajara. The Mexican Hat Dance, Tequila, Mariachi, Speedy Gonzalez… they’re all from Guadalajara.”

I love the familiarness of Mexico; I also love knowing there will be more. Like DR, sometimes only known for its picturesque beaches and baseball players, there is so much more than just the idea of a place; there’s a whole reality. And often, the reality is better than anything you could hope for.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the real thought of leaving DR, still sits heavy on my heart. (Like a fat boss elephant that refuses to budge.) I’d also be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about what’s next – because it is. It is totally exciting.

It gives us a new adventure to dream about.
An idea to look forward to, plan for, and research.
It gives us a new culture to understand.
A new country to explore.

But mostly, it gives us one more place to embrace and a new home to love.

(And another update: I just learned that a friend from our original cohort at CMS will be joining us next year at another school in Mexico. Arriba, arriba! All the feels! )

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    1. So awesome! My wife and I lived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for 4 months last year and we plan to go back soon! We have never been to Guadalajara, keep us updated!

    1. hahaha. there’s still time now!! 😉

    1. Can’t wait to visit you guys in Guadalajara!! I love Mexico!!! This time I really really mean it! 😘

    1. Wow, really?! I have lots of family in Miami and used to visit every summer. Maybe I’ll have to plan another visit there now. And you could plan one to Mexico. As for the bottles… Mexico ain’t gonna know what hit ’em. hahaha

    1. All the best in Mexico!! I’m sure you’ll take advantage of the bottles it has to offer. Were also moving this summer to Miami, very sad to leave the DR.

    1. It’s mutual. We will miss DR so much, I know it. But it isn’t far and I hear it’s a nice place to visit. wink, wink 😉

    1. i’m really looking forward to starting the next edition: The Tequila Series :0

    1. Giiiiirrrrrrllll… you don’t even know how much I’ll miss mi gente over here. lol

    1. hahahaha. It does, doesn’t it? I keep telling my mom that maybe we’ll drive there so it is a possibility. 🙂

    1. Ugh. The struggle is real. I am super excited and still super sad but I know Mexico will be awesome. How are you guys? Any future plans???

    1. Yes. I’m soooooo excited to have a whole new country to write about!

    1. Awww… Thanks Jackie. We are excited and sad all at the same time. I’m hoping you guys will visit!

    1. Guadalajara, Mexico will be blessed to have you there. What a great family you are. Happy for the 4 of you!

    1. What wonderful news!! Can’t wait to read about your adventures in Mexico!!!

    1. You guys are so adventurous! I’m so happy for you! You know, Texas borders Mexico. Stop on by any time! It’s a short 16 hr trip! ❤

    1. Althou I wish u beautiful family the BEST ALWAYS! U will b missed in the DR! Please do keep the fun posts coming all the way from Mexico!!

    1. So happy for you both and excited to discover Guadalajara through the Legra Lens!!!

    1. You guys will be missed, but I am sure you guys will have a blast in Mexico! Good Luck! Hugs.

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