Never Forget

February 1, 2012

This past weekend we returned to Cafe del Sol. We came the first time on September 11. On one of the most significant days of my past, I was on the beach with new friends smoking cigars and drinking rum drinks. When we were here that day, I thought about what day it was and like every year, I was conflicted by what I should be doing. Part of me wants to curl up in bed and wait for it to pass, part of me wants to move forward.

What stood out to me today, though, at Cafe del Sol was that the last time we were here, which happened to be September 11, Baby Rafa was still in my belly. And now to see her, at the beach, dipping her feet in the water – laughing, smiling, napping, being a perfect baby – makes me think of September 11 differently. Maybe there are days that tremble your existence so that you can cherish moments like this: moments surrounded by family and friends, eating good food, having meaningful conversations, reading a book and taking it all in. Because if I learned anything from September 11 it was that moments are precious and they don’t last. Maybe that’s what “never forget” reminds us, never forgetting to take it all in.

Standing in the moment you are in and looking at where you are, with who and cherishing all that you have.

Cafe del Sol

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