New Year’s 2013: Make Your Life’s To Do List

January 15, 2013

I figured since I’ve talked about my Life’s To Do List before, that I’d share it with you, along with the basics of how to make a bucket list, to help you get started on one for the New Year.

Remember, this list is ever evolving and changing. I add things. I delete things. In my physical, Life’s To Do List Journal, I keep pictures and memorabilia from things I have checked off.

Your list should serve as a reminder of the things you have done and the things left to do. Write it all down – silly, serious, simple – doesn’t matter, and then choose where to begin. And you can begin anywhere. I crossed off many other items before crossing off #1.

Lastly, don’t forget to take pictures, keep ticket stubs, and paste them into a journal to look through every once in a while as a reminder of how lucky you are and of how good life has been.

If anyone would like to help me fulfill any of the items on my list, I’ll gladly take you up on your offer!  

What will be on your list?

P.S. Accepting that you can’t do all of the amazing things in life.

1. Get married ✓

2. Have children ✓

3. Have success

4. Make another film ✓

5. Learn to sail

6. Visit Maine ✓

7. Ride in a float in a parade ✓

8. Volunteer ✓

9. Karaoke…LOUDLY ✓

10. Dance on a bar ✓

11. Get a dog ✓

12. Be in love in Paris

13. See Europe ✓

14. and then go back

15. See the Eiffel Tower ✓

16. Learn the guitar

17. Do something I’m terrified of ✓

18. Go horseback riding

19. Ride on a firetruck

20. Ride on a mechanical bull ✓

21. Take a trip by myself

22. Rent a house with friends ✓

23. Swallow my pride ✓

24. Go to Cuba ✓

25. Take up a sport ✓

26. Publish my writing ✓

27. Take a road trip ✓

28. Meet Paulo Coelho

29. See the Pyramids

30. Make a difference (even if small) ✓

31. Attend a Yankee’s vs. Red Sox game ✓

32. See an opera ✓

33. Earn my Master’s

34. Sing on stage ✓

35. Vegas Baby! ✓

36. Attend one of those fancy NYC parties (or other hot city) ✓

37. Stay at the Waldorf Astoria or The Plaza (or both!)

38. Give back ✓

39. Write my family’s story

40. Write a novel

41. Hold an Oscar or other fancy award ✓

42. Ride a camel

43. Visit Africa on safari

44. Swing on a trapeze ✓

45. Stay at an Ice Hotel

46. See the Mona Lisa in person ✓

47. Sleep on a beach overnight

48. Get my own star ✓

49. Adopt a pet ✓

50. Work on an ice cream truck ✓

51. Hear Jesse’s Girl (Rick Springfield) LIVE ✓

52. Hear Glory Days (Bruce Springsteen) LIVE ✓

53. Ride in a police car ✓

54. Go to a drive-in

55. Visit Savannah, Georgia

56. Go to a DMB concert out of state ✓

57. Visit Charleston, South Carolina

58. See all 7 Wonders of the World:

-Chichenitza [Mexico]

-Taj Mahal [India]

-Petra [Jordan]

-Christ the Redeemer [Brazil] ✓

-Colosseum [Italy] ✓

-Great Wall of China [China],

-Machu Pichu [Peru]

59. Take an RV/van camping

60. Climb the “Rocky” stairs ✓

61. Attend a DMB concert that goes on LIVE CD ✓

62. Line dance

63. See the Grand Canyon

64. Go on a for realsies sleigh ride

65. Oktoberfest in Germany

66. Carnival in Rio

67. Drink a beer out of a stein ath the original “beer garden” – Hofbräuhaus ✓

68. Picnic in central park ✓

69. Drive cross-country

70. Visit the Christmas Village (in PA or Germany)

71. Ice skate at Rockefeller Center under the tree

72. Learn to Tango ✓

73. Go to a political convention

74. Visit Montreal

75. Plant a tree ✓

76. Have an adult sleepover with friends ✓

77. Donate my hair to Locks of Love

78. See a movie opening night ✓

79. Visit God family in Texas ✓

80. Go on vacation with my sister

81. Visit the Hamptons

82. Visit all 7 continents:

North America ✓

South America ✓

Europe ✓





83. Climb a tree

84. Go to Coney Island

85. Walk on Beale Street (Memphis) ✓

86. Sing at Carnegie Hall

87. Attend the music festival at New Orleans

88. Walk for a cause

89. Drink wine in a French Château ✓

90. Gondola ride in Venice ✓

91. Go dogsledding

92. Grape stomping

93. Play Santa for Christmas ✓

94. Kiss under a mistletoe

95. Go to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day (do they celebrate that there?)

96. Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

97. Meet Oprah

98. Teach at the college level

99. Design my own pair of shoes

100. Create a vision board

101. Pay off my credit card debt ✓

102. Walk in the Colosseum ✓

103. Go to a boxing match

104. Help Habitat for Humanity

105. Take a nap under a tree

106. Work at a soup kitchen

107. Teach Beckett to salsa dance

108. Get certified and teach a Zumba class

109. Live in a different country ✓

110. Live in Europe

111. Be part of a dance flash mob

112. Take a trolley in  San Francisco

#2 Have children
#1 Get Married
#11 Adopt a pet
#11 Adopt a pet
#24 Visit Cuba
#24 Visit Cuba
#109 Live in a different country
#109 Live in a different country
#68 Picnic in Central Park
#68 Picnic in Central Park
#32 Go to the opera
#32 Go to the opera
#27 Take a road trip
#27 Take a road trip
#35 Vegas Baby
#35 Vegas Baby

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