SnapShots: Colonial Zone

December 5, 2011

About this set of photos:

In the Colonial Zone there are many little parks located just off the streets. They’re hidden gems and you wouldn’t know they were there unless you walked by them. When we walked into this one, there was an elderly gentleman sitting at a nearby bench reading his newspaper. What a great place to come on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and a book. I also like the dual look of the stripes on my dress and the stripes from the bench. 


About this set of photos:

In this set, I love the contrast of my dress and the white wall. The Colonial Zone has such old architecture and I love how simple things are. White wall, window, done.


About this set of photos:

Walking along the more “Bohemian Artist” section of El Conde with our little kangaroo peeking out of her pouch.


About this set of photos:

Her first visit to a church happens to be the first church of the Americas. I love the symmetry. 

About this set of photos:

Inside the oldest church of the Americas.

About this set of photos:

Sneaky photographing.



About this set of photos:

El Conde is a great place to people watch and there is usually something going on. Here, street artists were invited to paint the horse and carriage buggies.

About this set of photos:

Why is it that in all big, open plazas there are always pigeons. Always.

About this set of photos:

This little shop had many beautiful things to buy. These metal pieces are made in Haiti. The shop owner orders them from a Haitian artist that then hand paints all of these for her. Beautiful.


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