SnapShots: Under the Sea Birthday Party

November 14, 2015

What better way to celebrate an island girl’s 4-year-old birthday party than an Under the Sea theme? It doesn’t hurt that the She-Babe LOVES The Little Mermaid.

Since, it can be hard to find exactly what you need on an island you have to either be A. organized enough to preorder decorations and supplies or B. willing to get creative. This time I went latter. Another good rule of thumb is to make the theme a bit less specific to avoid hitting roadblocks. Although The Little Mermaid is pretty popular, I knew I’d have less trouble finding things for an Under the Sea Party than a specific Little Mermaid Party.

First you’ll need your supply, mom:

My Under the Sea Party Treasure

OK… let’s get started.


I found tons of sea shell shapes on Google.

Shell Pattern for Under the Sea Invitation

Cutting them out was a bit time consuming though I found an exacto knife worked better than a scissor.

Under the Sea Invitation Trace and cut out

Under the Sea Shell Invitations

Under the Sea Cut Outs

Under the Sea Invitation

Once the shells were cut and the information was pasted into the invitation, I drew the seashell lines on the outside of the shell.
Under the Sea Party Invite

Set Up

Since we wanted to be “reasonable” for this birthday, we kept everything small. We bought one table cloth, a few party blowers, and a package of cute mermaid headbands for the girls. We already had her Ariel dress and the He-Babe’s shark button down. As per the invitation we asked for no presents since this mermaid has “gadgets and gizmos a plenty.”

Birthday Fun


Party Favors and Gift Table

We made an ocean wave wall and balloon entrance for a fun feel. Our intention was to have the kids draw on the wave but time ran away from us so…

Under the Sea Entrance


As with the set up, we didn’t want to spread ourselves thin so we kept it pretty simple with snacks and ordered a ton of pizza. The trick I’ve found with snacks is getting creative with presentation and names and not the actual snack itself. Spice that up a bit and you’ve got yourself a custom party.

Snack List Included:

🍷Fish and Chips (potato chips and Goldfish)
🍷Shark Teeth (white cheddar cheese cut in triangles)
🍷Sebastian’s Orchestra (vegetable dip)
🍷Captain’s Crunch (Capt’n Crunch cereal)
🍷Triton’s Feast (crackers and charcuterie – which is a really fancy way of saying salami and stuff)

Under the Sea Party Snack Sebastian's Orchestra

Under the Sea Food Table

Under the Sea Snacks

Pizza's Here

Ariel’s Sunken Graham Treasure

These weren’t as time consuming as they seem. With food coloring, dye the frosting blue. One or two drops goes a long way. Spread frosting on graham crackers. Crush some graham crackers and sprinkle over the frosting.
Sunken Graham Treasure 1

Decorate with goldfish or other under the sea characters. We found some gummy candies that worked well.

Sunken Graham Treasure 2

Sunken Graham Treasure


Birthday Cake

I also made the cake myself which I was quite proud of since I’ve never in my life made anything like this. I give total credit to the wine.

Under the Sea Cake
Under the Sea Cake Table

Around the Birthday Cake

The Family Picture

Birthday Cake Time


Singing Happy Birthday

Eating Cake

Birthday Girl with Shelly

The Cake Gang



After we played and cut the cake we went upstairs to wind down and watch the movie. This lovely sea of calmness lasted about 5 minutes before all hell broke loose. Some, like the birthday girl, stayed watching, others played in the toy room. Me? I drank beers with the other moms as a job well done.

Watching The Little Mermaid


Bottle Imagewine glass

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