Rafaella Gets a Haircut

June 27, 2013

One of the milestones for many kids is their first haircut. Or rather one of the milestones for kids’ parents is their first haircut. True to most milestones, parents anxiously think about this decision as if a haircut will predetermine the rest of their hair life. Is this the right time to cut it? How short? Maybe we should wait? All the while the kids, well, the kids don’t really care. 
For months, my mother and Nana were telling us that Rafa’s hair needed a major trim. Mike and I weren’t really all that concerned with the idea. In all honesty, she was growing a bit of a mullet and no matter how many times I combed her hair it would take on a life of its own but I kinda liked it especially her one beautiful little ringlet curl in the back. 
When we arrived home almost a week ago my mom started in again about the haircut, about how “this poor girl’s hair was NEVER going to grow” because Cuban people are that dramatic. Never mom? I asked. Never, she confidently responded. Never. With a sad look in her eyes like I was dooming Rafa to a life of bad hair forever.
Although I was pretty sure that her hair would continue to grow with or without a haircut, I had already thought of cutting it once we got to the States since the mullet was beginning to take over more than I’d like to admit. So yesterday was the day. Wednesday, June 26, 2013. We took her to a proper kid barber shop with race car driver seats and lollipops upon completion of cut. Certificate of Baby’s First Cut and all.
Although our darling Rafa looks so sweet with her new do, I can’t help but miss her one beautiful little sweet ringlet curl in the back. Is that because I truly miss the curl or because it’s another milestone checked off of her list indicating one more thing that will not be a first, one more sign that my little GiRafa is growing up? 
What do you think? 

Who is this B touching my hair?

Tada! All done.

Now let’s take a drive to get some ice cream

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