Rescuing Waldo

October 1, 2012

These two lovelies are Olive and Jersey and before Rafa was born (and after Husband of course – although he would argue this), they were the ♥s of my life.

Olive and Jersey
Both of them have their own rescue story. Both were in desperate need of a loving home after being treated unkindly, and both found their way to me.

I found Olive on the street, a year exactly to the date (May 17) that we adopted Jersey (serendipitous if you ask me). Hers is a story I will tell later…

Jersey’s story is the focus of today’s video story. The video is short and quite sweet, tells his story briefly and shows his love sweetly to a family that made the choice to love a puppy mill rescue dog. 

In Disney World, there’s a secret game with visitors where you have to find hidden Mickey ears on rides or in secret places, a “Where’s Waldo” of sorts. This is my hidden Mickey, Sir Jersey Boy style. 

Have fun and love a dog today!

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