Splish, Splash Bath Time

January 29, 2012

I joke that with the help we have and her incredibly mature and sweet demeanor we are raising a part-time baby. She sleeps through the night only waking up at about 5:00 am for her tete and then back to sleep until 7:00. She eats like a champ. She’s not fussy about her food. She cries if she’s super tired or super hungry and even those cries are more of a warning and not a savage beast war cry. She smiles and coos and loves company and if I need to do something I can put her in her little rocker or on her play mat and she’ll entertain herself. This baby is le amaze but her favorite thing is bath time. Our part-time baby is a full-time bath aficionado. She kicks and laughs and almost sings in the bath.

As for Husband and I, bath time might be out favorite time too. We have a rhythm, an effortless synchronization. We have our routine down like a pair of synchronized swimmers. She may not like bath time forever; one day, when she’s older, she may not even want to shower, but for now, no one could take bath time from me.


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