The Little Light

November 3, 2015

Last night, I heard a terrible shrill coming from outside our window. It was one of our neighbors screaming. I didn’t know it then but a Rottweiler was in our courtyard and was attacking her dog, a small Pomeranian that had no chance.

I ran downstairs and in a tornado of events ended up at the nearest veterinarian to be told what I knew already. Poor Lucesita didn’t make it. I’m sure she died in my arms on the car ride over. It was a moment where life and it’s fragile state shows itself in glaringly clear terms.

She was so small, only a few months old. A puppy still. She was playful and friendly in that hoppity, puppy way. My daughter was very fond of her and would often brag that Lucesita really liked her. I couldn’t help but think how ironic her name, meaning Little Light, was considering how short her light lasted.

And I couldn’t help but make the comparison of how easily it could have been us; one of our dogs, one of our kids. Not in this exact situation but in any situation. I’m stunned sometimes by how paralyzing life can be, how scared I am that we never know what it holds for us. In the same courtyard that our kids and our dogs play, that we spend so much of our time in, who could have seen this coming?

I’ve played it back in my mind and all of the things that had to happen to lead up to that moment and how if any one thing had been different… I know it’s pointless. I know it. I’m just having a hard time understanding – processing, rather – how fast it all happens and how much sadness can come from such a quick moment.

I got home last night and washed my hands of the blood. If only thoughts were as easy to clean.



    1. Oh gosh, Riselle. I am so sorry to hear that. SO SORRY. I have two fur-pups of my own and I think how easily it could have been them, how often we are down there in that very spot. Thank you for stopping by and sharing part of your story too. Cheers.

    1. So sorry to hear about Lucesita. The poor little baby. It was her time to cross over the rainbow bridge. I lost my little Lilly-Rose the same way a few months ago and your story really affected me. Thank you for posting. I’ll be drinking at your bar for a while. That’s for sure.

    1. Thank you, Barbara. You are right, right, right. It was a heartbreaking day and I’ve been quite sad over it since. I am especially heartbroken for the family of that poor puppy.

    1. My goodness, what a horrible experience and heart wrenching! I’m so sorry! It is sometimes these things that wake us up to not taking any moment for granted and live each and every day to the fullest while loving those around us. ((HUGS))

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