7 Timeless Pieces I Always Wear and Travel With

February 29, 2016

There are pieces of clothing in my closet that I wear weekly; sometimes I have to physically stop myself from wearing these timeless pieces more often than that. They are comfortable and classic and go with everything. You could bet I’m wearing one right now and be certain that when I am packing for a trip you will find all 7 staples in my suitcase.

1. Gray T-Shirt

Holy Gray-moly. I bought this tee at Target years ago for about $10 and have certainly gotten my money’s worth. The best thing about it (besides the price and the fit) is that although it is totally broken in at this point, it still looks fabulous. I wear it with jeans mostly but have also snazzed it up by tucking it into a pinstripe pencil skirt.

Gray T-shirt

Mine: Gray t-shirt Or they: 1. Diamond Supply  2. American Apparel


2 & 3. Lightweight {Striped} Scarf and Red Flats

A lightweight scarf is super versatile. I wear one on every flight just in case I get cold – around my neck or as a shawl. I don’t wear scarves much in our island life abroad but I do bring it along for movie dates with Husband. As for the shoes… Since I am a jeans and tee kind of girl, I like something that wows the outfit, gives it some hey now! Enter red flats that make everything look wow-y.

Red Shoes and Striped Scarf

Try: 1. En Cute Red Suede Flats 2. Bella Marie. Scarf: 1. Weaving Path 2. Houndstooth


4. Nude Purse

It is a great travel purse. Three separate compartments makes it easy to keep things divided. The color goes with everything. It also comes with a cross-shoulder strap so I could take it shopping on my shoulder or for running through the airport across my body.

Tan Shoulder or Cross-body Purse

Try: 1. West Interest 2. Scarleton Tote


5. Sunnies

I own 2 pairs of these for safe keeping. These tortoise shell sunnies are pretty basic but since we live overseas and often, have trouble finding even the most basic of necessities, a girl has to err on the side of caution.

Vans sunglasses

I’m starting my kids’ affection for these sunglasses early.

Daughter in Vans sunglasses

Mine: Vans. Or try: 1. Slate Blue 2. Filtrate Oxford Sunglasses. 3. Or, for a pop of color, these aqua sunnies .


6. Earthy Bead Necklace

I cannot rave enough about this necklace. It wears with everything. I’ve worn it to swanky dinners, anniversary parties, and to the mall with jeans and a t-shirt. It is the perfect piece to bring on vacation because you don’t need any other necklace. It’s a one size fits all.

red necklace

Try: 1. Jane Stone Coral Red Beaded Necklace 2. Multi-Color Strand


7. Yellow Cardigan

Mustard Cardigan

Try: 1.MBJ Cardigan. 2.Mossimo

What items in your closet do you always wear and travel with?

P.S. The thing that instantly makes me feel like I’m home and a starter kit into the bayside.


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