Made in the Dominican Republic: A Tale of Wooden Fashion Accessories

April 14, 2016

Once upon a December, a co-worker approached Husband, knowing well of Husband’s affinity for bow ties. The co-worker told Husband about a boy from Santiago de los Caballeros, born to an architect father and designer mother, who created handmade wooden bow ties. Husband fell deeply in love with these bow ties and bought one which he would wear to his kingdom’s upcoming Christmas Party. Time passed until one day (last weekend), at another kingdom event, Husband was walking through the cafeteria with his gorgeous wife (What? It’s my story) when she spotted a young man setting up a table of cool, wooden fashion accessories, “Look there, Husband Babe,” she said walking towards the table, “Isn’t that the young man with the wooden bow ties?!”

wooden fashion accessories - bow tie

But when they reached the table they saw that that boy did not just have wooden bow ties and that the boy was, in fact, no ordinary boy. He was Silvino, the ruler (designer & owner) of Silvinoland, the shop located in Santiago de los Caballeros where wooden fashion accessories of many kinds were made. “Behold,” he said, “I have much more to offer than just bow ties made of wood. I have sunglasses and watches, beautiful bags and phone cases and more. Just check out my Instagram.” Husband and Wife were so delighted they went nuts and bought a ton of stuff.

via Silvinoland Instagram

wooden sunglasses


wood phone case


WIFE SPENT her gold coins on a pair of beautiful sunglasses made of different kinds of wood.

Wooden sunglasses


AND WHEN Husband asked if she would be buying a watch, she believed this meant that he wanted her too. So she did. It was made of bamboo. And it was glorious.

wood watches and accessories


MEANWHILE HUSBAND glanced over more bow ties, inspecting each individual tie with care and consideration. He did not buy things as easily as Wife but on this day, in Silvinoland, he bought a bow tie and a watch. And these too were glorious.

wooden watch



Lucky for you, this is not a fairytale. Silvinoland exists and its wooden fashion accessories go beyond retail and fall into the realm of art. Silvino, himself, is a doll and especially easy to work with and very accommodating.

>> Check out Silvinoland on Instagram, Facebook, and their website. <<

wooden watches


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