SnapShots: Parque de Luces, Santo Domingo

December 9, 2015

Any island can be a frustrating place to live, and DR is no exception. We have power – most of the time: sometimes it works minimally, sometimes it comes and goes as it pleases, and sometimes it completely shuts down and refuses to engage. Traffic lights, water, and customer service run just about the same way.

But Brillante Navidad (Bright Christmas) or Parque de Luces, as it is popularly known (Park of Lights), is not that. Parque de Luces might be the absolute best thing this place does (besides the beaches and beer). This is the second year that we’ve gone (3rd year they’ve held it) and as long as we’re in DR, it will be a tradition we will not miss.

Dominican Republic goes Double Texas Big (<– is that a thing? it should be.) when it comes Christmas, I mean, this is a country that starts Christmas decor in October – like pre-Halloween October, not even day after Halloween October, which would technically be November but you understand what I mean. And it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that they go so big for a Christmas light exhibition. First, Dominicans love to party and celebrate – everything. Anything. Second, kids’  birthday parties here are pretty extravagant overall. Third, this is the birthday party, celebration for the OG child – the big J. Jesus, himself. Fourth, this is an island that is more than 85% Catholic.

Christmas here is gonna be double graaaaaaande, venti loco big. Christmas at the Griswold’s style if the Griswold’s were Dominican. AND. IT’S. FREE.

PdL takes place in Parque Iberoamérica located in the Zona Universitaria near the Plaza del Conservatorio and is nautical-themed this year, illuminated with 40 million lights. Daughter almost fainted when she saw a huge mermaid lit up in the likes of Ariel.

Here’s just a quick walk down this Island Wonderland.

Parque de Luces Santo Domingo


Parque de Luces Brillante Navidad


Parque de Luces Santa

Brillante Navidad Santa

Parque de Luces

Parque de Luces Family Friendly

Under the Sea Parque de Luces

Elf on the Shelf
and a special shout out to our Elfette, Noah, whose idea it was to come.



If you’re in the Santo Domingo area anytime between now and January 7, it is the must do. Festive. Bright. and Free.

Directions to Parque de Luces
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    1. Thank you so much for recommending this!!! We went on December 19th and were blown away!! My 4 year old daughter is still talking about it… seriously.. she just told someone yesterday that she, “Went to see a pirate ship made out of Christmas lights and lots and lots of other Christmas lights… soooo many lights. And saw Santa.. REAL Santa!” We will be making this an annual family thing. I can’t believe we had never heard of it before. Thanks again!! 🙂

    1. Yes, Barbara. It is super fun and amazing and hard to describe how beautiful it is.

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