SnapShots: Cabarete Thanksgiving Weekend

November 30, 2011

Cabarete Thanksgiving Weekend in pictures. Great way to spend the holiday..

Ok. Maybe this picture doesn’t show how great the weekend was but it does show the camaraderie of CMS. Within minutes of our blowout, 4 cars pulled over to help. Check me out in the background holding the babes.

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The drive to Cabarete. The views were great but the blowout tire on the way there was not. Even worse, we didn’t have a spare. #nobueno

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Friends surfing at a nearby beach. I was there for moral support.

Cabarete Thanksgiving Weekend

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One of the nice things about having to get up so early with a baby is not missing those quiet moments of the day. Her first dip in the water was pretty special too.




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We rented a beautiful villa with friends at Bahia de Arena. It was a great place to stay with a lot of space and our own pool.

Baby Exhaustion


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