Charleston, South Carolina: Another Check on the Bucket List

June 2, 2016

It is official. #57 on my Living Life List is getting crossed out. In a few short weeks, I’ll be checking “visit Charleston, South Carolina” off my bucket list.and maybe I’ll try to sneak in another one while I’m down south – I’m looking at you #55 (Savannah, Georgia).

We’ve been talking about it for months but it wasn’t until just the other day, when I booked a sweet Airbnb stay that it became real. We’ll be near King Street, which according to everything I’ve been reading, is the “it” street in Charleston, the “spine of the city.” My imagination, of course, begins to run away with me at the idea of cobblestone streets, quaint three story brick buildings, delicious restaurants, tons of shopping, and oozing as much history as it is southern charm. I can’t help but daydream at the iconic-ness of it all and mind-planning our visit to Charleston, South Carolina.

What will I wear? Where will we eat? What should we do? Where will we eat? What can’t we miss? Where will we eat?

Have you been? What are the things we must do in Charleston? 


planning our visit to Charleston, South Carolina

This cozy place near King Street.

W E A RSouthern Style

1. gold mirrored sunglasses 2. Spear Earrings 3. Wrap Bracelet 4. Huarache Sandals     5. Peach Jazzy Dress


Food of Charleston, South Carolina

Doug DuCamp: fish fry. A13ean: Frogmore Stew. David Shankbone, Waterfront Restaurant. Wally Gobetz, Triple Shellfish Tower at The Ordinary Oyster Bar on King Street.


Of course a carriage ride, right? Is there anything more iconic in Charleston than a horse and buggy ride down cobblestone streets.

what to do when you plan a visit Charleston, South Carolina.

Husband is a history buff so I’d love to check out some plantations and learn a bit more about Charleston’s history.

planning our visit to Charleston, South Carolina plantations

A romantic evening stroll, perhaps?

King Street, Charleston South Carolina

Ron Cogswell, carriage ride. Brian Stansberry, plantation. Henry de Saussure Copeland, King Street


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(Featured image: Sergeant Jasper Monument via Brian Stansberry.)

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