SnapShots: Irresistible Vacationing at Playa Rincón

April 11, 2016

One of the best things about our life abroad in DR specifically* is a combination of two things. The first being that we have a pretty amazing group of friends that are like-minded in work, travel, and fun. The second being that we live in a place where the hashtag popularly used to describe it is “I live where you vacation”. I don’t often use the hashtag because, well, why rub it in? It goes without saying that people from all over the world come here as a destination for weddings, vacations, and adventure but on this particular weekend to Playa Rincon, Dominican Republic it is more obvious than ever that #ilivewhereyouvacation.

We went away with four of our favorite families  to visit one of the most WOW beaches I’ve seen anywhere. So WOW(!) was Playa Rincón that we referred to it as “The Beach” from the Leo DiCaprio movie because it was something out of a Hollywood picture. It is one of those locations that is so magnificent, it becomes a character in your story – like New York City to Sex and the City. There are no hotels or houses on the remote, pristine beach —  just a fish shack, some beach chairs, a guy selling seashells, and an entrance so remote and rocky that you are certain you must be lost — so we stayed at a nearby rental house that slept 14 people and drove to “The Beach” everyday.

Getting to Playa Rincón



The last stretch is through rocky roads. Sometimes you hit a rough patch to get to the other side



But Those Views:

Playa Rincón, Dominican Republic



Husband’s Halle Berry Shot


Fish Shack at Playa Rincón:

No need to pack a lunch the dining is as cost effective as it is simple: fresh caught fish or shrimp, over a wood fire, and cold Presidente. Sides include tostones, fries, and/or rice. About $35 for our family of 4.


Fish Shack Stove
Cool stove, huh?




Sitting at a table on this beach, overlooking those views and playing in the sand until your fresh lunch is ready to be served – at which time they come to get you – is irresistible vacationing. I licked my fingers after each bite of shrimp and ran my feet in the sand while I ate.


Santiago made friends with the guy selling these pretty shells on the beach so he gave this one to our friendly son.





P.S. Snapshots of Juan Dolio at Sunset and our regenerating getaway to Sosua

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  1. here, specifically — We have heard from other seasoned expats that not every school they have worked at has been as social or as much of a community as the expat community we have at Carol Morgan School.


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