SnapShots: Juan Dolio at Sunset

February 24, 2016

There aren’t too many things more beautiful than sunsets in the Caribbean or sunsets in general. Nature has a way of outshining all of us with tremendous ease. On this particular evening in Juan Dolio at Sunset, I said to my mom, “I don’t even have to try. Every picture I take is perfection.” So here’s a photography tip: if you’re looking for a fabulous family portrait or a magical photograph to frame and complete a bare wall in your home – shoot pictures at sunset. Lighting that perfect cannot be bought and minimal editing is needed.

What easy photography tip do you swear by? 

P.S. A stroll through the Colonial Zone and exploring Juan Dolio in one minute.

Sunset in Juan Dolio

Adirondack Chairs in Sunset

Sunset Pier

Gorgeous Sunset with Rafa

Sunset with Santiago

Counting Seashells

Crab Watching

Watching the Sunset

Juan Dolio Sunset

Sunset El Embarcadero

El Embarcadero, Club Hemingway

Juan Dolio at Sunset


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    1. This is a beautiful post! You do such a beautiful job capturing these moments of pure, raw life in your photographs, and even more so in your words. Love it all <3

    1. Love love love the pics! And those babies! And my beautiful Island! So glad you got to live life and start your family there!

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