MicroAdventure: Bikes, Birds and Plaza España

May 9, 2016

Last weekend was a long weekend in the Dominican Republic to celebrate May Day.* Many of our friends went away but we opted to stay in Santo Domingo and chill out since (I’m not complaining, but…) we’ve done quite a bit of traveling and weekends away this year. A little staycation was exactly what we needed. We had a delicious bagel breakfast with friends, a yummy lox and mimosas brunch at home, watched movies, drank wine, and took a stroll around Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone, specifically Plaza España. It’s a family favorite and something we don’t do nearly enough when we take the kids’ bikes and scooters and choose a restaurant overlooking the plaza. We order food and drinks and while we wait the kids explore, run, and roll.

What’s a favorite family trip you take?

P.S. These beautiful Snapshots of the colonial zone and this conversation over mojitos

colonial zona fun

Zona Colonial fun with kids

Feeding pigeons in the Colonial Zone

Colonial Zone Fun with Kids

Colonial Zone Sunday

Nicolas de Ovando


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  1. May Day is a holiday celebrated in many countries to honor workers.

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